Essential Tools Beginner Gardeners Should Own

Essential Tools Beginner Gardeners Should Own

Gardening is an excellent mental activity that can make you more compassionate to nature. It can also teach you how to take care of your own belongings. It can even extend your patience! But gardening isn’t as easy as it sounds. So, if you’re a beginner, be sure to pick up these tools before you start:



Gardening can be an awesome activity until thorns and splinters decide to come in. Protect your hands by wearing a durable pair of gloves every time you perform garden work. Store them properly by keeping them away from excessive heat, water, and insects. Just as you’d protect your mind from toxic thoughts by meditating or rejuvenating alone, you must also protect your hands from harm when gardening by wearing gloves.

Loppers, Hand Pruners, Scissors


For successful gardening, you’ll also need cutting tools. This duo can make the cutting more bearable for you as a novice. Hand pruners can cut up to ¾ inches thick. They can efficiently trim new growth on shrubs and snip those thick squash and pepper stems. Loppers and hand pruners are versatile and comfy to use which is why they’re must-haves. And while we’re at it, you better invest in a sturdy pair of scissors too. Get ones that have bright handles so that they’re easy to find when you lose them in your yard. A durable pair of scissors is great for snipping herbs, flowers, greens, twines, and more. Using these tools is like cutting out the negative thoughts and relationships in your life that serve like weeds and pests. Use gardening to clear out the negativity and replace it with positivity!

Speaking of weed, you should also consider getting a weed eater.

Spades and Shovels

Whatever type of garden you have, you’ll need these two. They’re handy when you have to transfer items such as compost and stones. In case you’re not aware yet, a spade is used for digging while a shovel is used for scooping. One thing to consider before buying is the material used. Invest in shovels and spades that won’t rust (either carbon steel or stainless steel). Also, consider the brand. Sometimes, the brand speaks of the quality. You wouldn’t want shovels and spades that can only be used for a few times, would you? Also, pick ones that are easy to lift and carry and models that have wooden handles. FYI, handles made of wood can absorb more vibration compared to fiberglass.

Backpack Sprayer

Field-King-Professional-190328It’s also necessary to purchase a sprayer to keep those toxic insects away from your beloved plants. A backpack sprayer from Healthy Handyman is an excellent weapon against pests that can harm your crops and hamper their growth. A backpack sprayer is comfortable to use, and it’s a must-have if you own a medium-large sized garden. With it, you can spray herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides to the right plants. More significantly, they distribute liquids evenly. They’re also portable, easy to transport, and easy to maintain. Gardening in itself is like a backpack sprayer that allows you to keep yourself away from negative people and unpleasant situations. You can use gardening as an excuse to escape an environment that’s unhealthy for your mind. Doing garden work is like spraying your plants with insecticides—it gets rid of the unnecessary.