The Simple Pleasures of Taking It Slow

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Being busy does not have to be stressful and overwhelming. Planning ahead and paying attention to how you are feeling can help in reducing everyday stress. And regardless of how hectic things get, there are things best enjoyed slow. So the next time you find yourself getting caught up in all the frenzy, consider taking a moment to breathe and do something more slowly.

Do the pause. You can do a lot, but definitely not everything. Plan what you can in advance and anticipate the unexpected. When things start to get crazy, think about what is most important to you and go back to the plan. Consider your priorities before saying yes to everything that seems like an opportunity to do more. Scaling down and doing it slow help you to get more things done.

Pick your battles. Busy can be a good kind of stress if you enjoy every moment of it. Choose to do what’s more meaningful to you. If you want to spend more quality with family and friends, work your schedules around things that you can do with them.

Know your limits. No matter how good you are, it would still be impossible to do everything on your own. Make a list of the things you need to accomplish. Ask for help if you need to. Delegating responsibilities not only eases some of the burdens from you.

Take time making something slowly or from scratch. Imagine sipping a cup of coffee you made that tastes like the ones you can get from the best coffee shops. Forget the instant coffees you can easily prepare. Grab yourself a barista recipe book and start brewing your own great tasting coffees at home.

Slowing Down with a Cup of Coffee

Slowing Down with a Cup of Coffee

Stress. Anxiety. A fast-paced life. At times, all we need is a cup of joe to make everything all right.

Caffeine Vs. Stress

man, hair, coffee, cup, working, internet, technology, tablet, app, browser, device, screen, samsung, news, online, touchscreen, touch, stylus, entertainmentEven though coffee is known to make one alert, studies from Brazil, Portugal, and the U.S. found that caffeine can help mice handle stress better when subjected to stressful situation compared to when they weren’t exposed to caffeine.

Sure, the experiment is with mice, but it has a huge potential for humans too. In the study, researchers mixed caffeine with drinking water intended for the mice. Some only received plain water. Then, after being exposed to sudden and stressful situations three weeks after they began the caffeine regiment, it was found that the mice that went without caffeine experienced stress-induced changes in their behavior. Those stressful situations were dam bedding, being deprived of food and water, cold baths, sharing space with other mice, and having their cages tilted at a 45-degree angle.

The reason for this is that while caffeine can block adenosine receptors from activating sleep processes, it can also prevent the receptors from reacting to and causing a stress response. In short, caffeine can prevent you from having a bad mood.

Caffeine can calm you down when you need to take things slow. Drinking a cup or two of coffee can help you feel relaxed when you’re anxious about finishing a specific task or handling an upcoming event. It wakes you up then makes you feel a lot more confident.


Caffeine + Dopamine

Another reason why you should drink coffee when you’re stressed is that caffeine can help release dopamine into the prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain is in charge of mood regulation, and dopamine is a neurotransmitter that makes you feel good. In fact, it’s responsible for that feeling of love, happiness, motivation, and self-fulfillment. Caffeine has even been proven to help store dopamine in the amygdala, which is another part of the brain responsible for anxiety regulation.

According to a ten-year study of over 50,000 older women, those who drank 2-3 cups of coffee daily had a 15% reduced risk of depression compared to those who drank only a cup or less per week. Those who drank four cups or more even had a 20% decreased risk. So you see? Coffee can pull you away from depression.


coffee-latte-drink-manWhile all the information above may make you want to check out the best coffee makers with grinders and encourage you to brew your coffee right away, you should know that too much caffeine isn’t good for your health. Well, too much of anything isn’t good for you anyway. But when it comes to caffeine, don’t go beyond 400 milligrams per day, that means, you must not drink more than four cups of coffee a day.


Tips on How to Combat Stress While Welding

Tips on How to Combat Stress While Welding

There are welding machines tailored for home use. But even if they are only made for not-so-difficult welding applications, you have to admit: welding itself can be stressful no matter how easy the task is.

The stress that you can experience during welding can take a lot of forms and can affect your mental health. Welding could be a frustrating job if the pressure isn’t handled well. And if there’s frustration, it might hinder the production of smooth and even-looking welds.

So, how can you fight stress while welding?



Once in a while or when you feel like you’ve been in the same position since forever, turn your welding machine off and spend a few minutes stretching. A bead may take so long to complete, requiring you to hold the same position you’ve been maintaining ever since you started. Don’t spend too long as this can cause your muscles to tighten and become sore. Stretch your back, arms, and legs. Hand exercises can also keep your wrist and fingers flexible. Stretching also improves blood flow which can make you more focused and alert.

Measure more

Before welding, measure everything twice or thrice or four times if you have to. After all, one of the things that can cause stress is making a mistake with the calculations. To avoid stress and to lessen the chances of making a mistake, measure again and again.

Get out


Get out of the house, the garage, the workshop, wherever you’re welding. Step away from the welding machine, take a few deep breaths, close your exhausted eyes, and listen to music. Relaxing will help your mind rejuvenate so that you will have the concentration needed to finish a difficult weld. Trying to maintain focus for a long time can cause eyestrain and headaches, so give your mind a time to relax.

Wear the appropriate outfit


Wear a welding helm, a welding jacket, a pair of welding gloves, a pair of close-toed shoes, and a couple of ear muffs before welding. They can protect you from the heat and the sparks, which could also cause stress if they reach your skin.

The secret is to take breaks in between welds. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Your mind needs some time off too! Remember, a welder with a healthy mind is a productive welder.

Essential Tools Beginner Gardeners Should Own

Essential Tools Beginner Gardeners Should Own

Gardening is an excellent mental activity that can make you more compassionate to nature. It can also teach you how to take care of your own belongings. It can even extend your patience! But gardening isn’t as easy as it sounds. So, if you’re a beginner, be sure to pick up these tools before you start:



Gardening can be an awesome activity until thorns and splinters decide to come in. Protect your hands by wearing a durable pair of gloves every time you perform garden work. Store them properly by keeping them away from excessive heat, water, and insects. Just as you’d protect your mind from toxic thoughts by meditating or rejuvenating alone, you must also protect your hands from harm when gardening by wearing gloves.

Loppers, Hand Pruners, Scissors


For successful gardening, you’ll also need cutting tools. This duo can make the cutting more bearable for you as a novice. Hand pruners can cut up to ¾ inches thick. They can efficiently trim new growth on shrubs and snip those thick squash and pepper stems. Loppers and hand pruners are versatile and comfy to use which is why they’re must-haves. And while we’re at it, you better invest in a sturdy pair of scissors too. Get ones that have bright handles so that they’re easy to find when you lose them in your yard. A durable pair of scissors is great for snipping herbs, flowers, greens, twines, and more. Using these tools is like cutting out the negative thoughts and relationships in your life that serve like weeds and pests. Use gardening to clear out the negativity and replace it with positivity!

Speaking of weed, you should also consider getting a weed eater.

Spades and Shovels

Whatever type of garden you have, you’ll need these two. They’re handy when you have to transfer items such as compost and stones. In case you’re not aware yet, a spade is used for digging while a shovel is used for scooping. One thing to consider before buying is the material used. Invest in shovels and spades that won’t rust (either carbon steel or stainless steel). Also, consider the brand. Sometimes, the brand speaks of the quality. You wouldn’t want shovels and spades that can only be used for a few times, would you? Also, pick ones that are easy to lift and carry and models that have wooden handles. FYI, handles made of wood can absorb more vibration compared to fiberglass.

Backpack Sprayer

Field-King-Professional-190328It’s also necessary to purchase a sprayer to keep those toxic insects away from your beloved plants. A backpack sprayer from Healthy Handyman is an excellent weapon against pests that can harm your crops and hamper their growth. A backpack sprayer is comfortable to use, and it’s a must-have if you own a medium-large sized garden. With it, you can spray herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides to the right plants. More significantly, they distribute liquids evenly. They’re also portable, easy to transport, and easy to maintain. Gardening in itself is like a backpack sprayer that allows you to keep yourself away from negative people and unpleasant situations. You can use gardening as an excuse to escape an environment that’s unhealthy for your mind. Doing garden work is like spraying your plants with insecticides—it gets rid of the unnecessary.

Being Mindful In Life With CS:GO


Admit it or not, life can be quite overwhelming. No matter how much you need to take a breather from all those factors such as that of the heat you constantly find yourself in at work that might somehow affect your overall perspective on life itself, getting a chance to do so would still be close to impossible due to the overall nature of work itself: hectic and especially more heating.

Admit it or not as well, life can be quite underwhelming. No matter how much you want to make a changer from all those factors such as that of the pressure you constantly find yourself in at home that might somehow affect your overall way on life itself, getting a chance to do so would still be close to impossible due to the overall nature of home itself: frantic and even more pressuring.

But then again, you can always just be mindful in life with CS:GO and especially with CStrading

And by this, it means that you can always take a breather just by playing CS:GO whenever you feel overwhelmed in life – not just for the sake of norming your overall perspective on life itself, but also for the sake of learning how to see life itself in a different perspective. As they say, “there’s always a silver lining out front.” Don’t you think so, as well?

Because indeed, you can always just be mindful in life with CS:GO and other games known to man for that matter for you to realize the more important things such as that of having the time to relax like no other and being able to see life itself in a different perspective.

And then again, you can always just be mindful in life with CS:GO…

And by this, it means that you can always make a changer just by playing CS:GO whenever you feel underwhelmed in life – not just for the sake of norming your overall way on life itself, but also for the sake of learning how to experience life itself in a new way. As they say, “there’s always a rainbow after the rain.” Don’t you think so, as well?

Because indeed, you can always just be mindful in life with CS:GO and other games known to man for that matter for you to realize the most important things such as that of having the effort to rejuvenate like never before and being able to experience life itself in a new way.

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Taking Things Slow with Swimming

Taking Things Slow with Swimming

Swimming has been famous for its physical and mental benefits. In fact, it’s one of the most recommended and most comfortable exercises you can do if you want to take things slow while still being conscious about your health.

pool_blue_swimming_water_color_background_summer_hotelBefore you take a dip, however, you have to make sure your pool is spotless clean first. You wouldn’t want to swim with debris and bacteria, right? There’s a proper way to clean and maintain your pool and your pool cleaner. So, before studying this article, clean your pool first using an efficient robotic pool cleaner. If you don’t have one yet, then it’s high time to read Adam’s guide.

Here are ways on how swimming can help you take things slow:

It’s a low-impact form of exercise.

Swimming is a low-impact workout that doesn’t need you to exert much effort. It’s a therapeutic exercise for injured athletes. That alone is proof that it’s easy on the joints and the entire body. When you swim at high intensities regularly, your body will also become stronger. But if you’re really desperate to take things slow, perhaps after a day of intense exercise, then go and submerge yourself in a pool. It can help you recover your physical and mental strength, allowing you to be relaxed.

It’s a stress reliever.


A clean pool is one of the best places you can visit when you need to take it easy. It’s a haven for those want to get rid of stress. It’s a sanctuary for the exhausted, a refuge for the mentally drained, a getaway for the busy person living in a fast-paced world. Swimming can release endorphins in the body, lowering your stress levels, and bringing you to a place where water feels like heaven on earth. Surrounding yourself with water can help you slow down and take a break from all your everyday tasks. Soaking in the bathtub is already relaxing, what more if you have a bigger place for your chill time?

It can make your body younger.

girl, water

These days you might feel like you’re getting older faster. Sometimes you wish you can turn back the clock. Unfortunately, you can’t bring the past again. But good thing there’s swimming which can turn your body younger. According to a study conducted by Indiana University, regular swimmers are biologically 20 years younger than their actual age. Scientists have proven that swimming has an impressive effect on one’s cholesterol levels, blood pressure, brain functioning, heart performance, blood chemistry, and muscle mass. In short, when you swim, you’ll have a healthy body that’s similar to your younger self. What a superb way of slowing down!

How To Slow Down If You’re A Parent

parent and child

Whether you have a year-old toddler in your arm the entire day or a school-aged boy in your radar the whole day, your responsibilities as parent goes way beyond catering a toddler’s needs or eyeing a boy’s wants. You’re not just there to love your child, you’re also there to support your child in every step of the way. You’re also not just there to guide your child, you’re even there to learn from your child no matter how what it takes.

If you’re a parent, it’s only right for you to slow down at least once in a while – not just for you to replenish all that energy from running back and forth/in and out of the house to make sure that your child is safe all the time, but also for you to recharge that spirit of yours that your child will depend on for many years to come.

Here are some ways:

Play dress up with your child at least once a week.

Cuteness overload – that’s how it will be if you play dress up with your child. You can either go for a vegan theme where you get to dress as Popeye and your child in a personalized vegan onesie or a comic theme where you get to dress in a personalized hero suit and your child as Ironman.

Go on a cartoon marathon with your child at least once a month.

Admit it or not, we all loved cartoons. Some adults even watch them until now, so why can’t you for the sake of bonding more with your child? Just remember to watch kid-friendly cartoons, though. You wouldn’t want your child to grow up hitting someone else just because he thinks it’s a monster.

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4 of the Most Walkable Cities in The World

The pleasures of walking are among the things that some people fail to enjoy as often as they could. Keeping a hurried pace and lack of access to walking paths are just some of the common reasons to miss out on what could be relaxing walks. With so many benefits to be gained from walking, there are cities that have made it easy for people to explore on foot. Here are some of the most walkable cities in the world.

Boston, USA
Greenway Boston
Why go: Boston is an idyllic getaway for outdoor enthusiasts. Its many trails and walking paths are just begging to be explored. Residents and tourists alike can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the waterfront or go for a hike at some of the most scenic trails the city has to offer. What make walking in Boston more pleasant are the picturesque neighborhoods, green spaces, landmarks, and a wide array of attractions that can be found along the way.

Florence, Italy
Florence Italy
Why go: Florence is a beautiful and romantic city that boasts of impressive architecture. It is one of the places in the world best experienced on foot to soak in more of the sights and sounds. There is no dearth of famous sites as well as hidden gems one can find while meandering around the city. Top attractions include Basilica di San Lorenzo, Boboli Gardens, Galleria dell’Accademia (Gallery of the Academy), the Loggia dei Lanzi, Piazza Duomo, Palazzo Pitti, Piazza della Signoria, Piazzale Michelangelo, Ponte Vecchio, Santa Maria del Fiore (also known as the Duomo), and the Uffizi Gallery.

Marrakesh, Morocco
Why go: The city is home to many historic buildings and beautiful gardens. Many of its streets and alleyways lead to some of the souks that feature a wide array of attractions for shoppers and the curious alike. Marvel at the textiles in a kaleidoscope of colors, exotic spices, delicious foods, and numerous items to choose from. There are many points of interest worth seeing including the Almoravid Koubba, Bahia Palace, Dar Si Said Museum of Moroccan Arts and Crafts, Djemaa El Fna, Imlil, Koutoubia Mosque, Majorelle Gardens, Manara Gardens, Marrakesh Museum, Medersa Ben Youssef, Medina souks, Saadian tombs, and more.

Paris, France
Why go: The City of Light boasts of historic and stunning architecture, beautiful cobblestoned streets and squares, impressive gardens, and more attractions that are best enjoyed slowly and on foot. Some of the must-see places include the Arc de Triomphe, Catacombs of Paris, Champs-Élysées, Cimetière du Père Lachaise (Père Lachaise Cemetery), Eiffel Tower, Grand Palais, Jardin du Luxembourg, Latin Quarter, Montmartre, Musée d’Orsay, Notre-Dame de Paris, Sacré-Cœur, The Louvre, Tuileries Garden, and more.

Top Reasons to Slow Down and Enjoy Every Moment


Living a hectic pace every single day eventually takes its toll. Emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion often sets in. Pursuing ambitions and goals may not be a bad thing. But constant busyness can lead to a lot of stress. Taking the time to slow down, do nothing, and just be present in every moment may seem like a lazy thing to do when there are many things you need to accomplish. But it can actually be quite helpful in keeping you on track. Here are some of the best reasons why slowing down is good for you.

1. Make room for meaningful interactions. Slowing down allows you to make room for chance encounters and meaningful interactions. It provides opportunities for quality conversations. It gives you a chance to connect with others in ways you would otherwise find hard to do when you are busy doing something else at every given time.

2. Make the most of every day. You may be fixating on what you want your future to be that you miss opportunities in your present that would make your dreams a reality. To live in the moment is to make every single day that is given to you count. Focusing on the here and now enables you to steer your life towards the direction you intend it to go.

3. Reduce or eliminate worries. The past is something that you cannot change while the future remains uncertain regardless of how much you plan for it. Living in the moment minimizes needless worrying on things that you have little or no control.

4. Appreciate the simple things. Living on the slow lane gives you an opportunity to rediscover the simple pleasures of life. You hone your ability to sense the things that unfold before your eyes. You can take pleasure in the sights, sounds, scents, and tastes of everything around you.

5. Learn something new. Embracing a living in the moment mindset can encourage you to experience new things. You begin to see the value of the present to do the things that matter to you knowing that you cannot bring back time once it passes.

6. More time and focus for the more important things. You eliminate mental clutter when you focus on the here and now instead of obsessing about the things that happened in the past or anticipating the future. Paying more attention to the present moment allows you to maximize your time, effort, and resources to make the most out of it.